R+D+i – research, development and innovation


Faithful to our identity, at CBH we are continuously committed to innovation, which allows us to always have the most modern technology available, and to offer our customers the most innovative techniques of mechanized planting, nutrition, pruning, harvesting, optimization of water and energy resources, etc.

Each year, at CBH we participate in different R + D + i projects, which contribute to improving our processes, products and services.

Innovation is the basis of the CBH business, the center of the sustainability of our company, and the key to differentiating our offers of solutions and services.

As a result of our constant and determined commitment for innovation, ambitious projects such as RENOVOLIVA or the High Sustainable Density (HSD) system have developed.


The most profitable alternative to traditional olive farms.

At CBH we have developed the Renovoliva project, a plan for converting the traditional olive plantation, through which we provide olive farmers a service of necessary advice and resources to carry out the restructuring of their crops, in order to adopt a more efficient, sustainable and profitable production model.

High Sustainable Density (HSD)

A dream come true: Higher productivity per hectare, at the lowest cost.

Main features:

  • Reduced initial investment (lower than the Super Intensive Olive Grove).
  • Double aptitude irrigation/dry land.
  • Complete varietal flexibility.
  • Planting frames between 400 and 900 ft/ha.
  • Early entry into production.
  • High degree of mechanization of the crop.
  • High production potential.
  • Fast pay-back of the investment.
  • Longer life of the plants.
  • Possibility of reconversion to a different framework.

Olive farms of High Sustainable Density (HSD). This system, widespread and used extensively in modern plantations plantations in countries such as Argentina, Australia, and Israel, reaches levels of mechanization and productivity virtually identical to a high-density olive farm, with the advantages of drastic reduction in investment costs and longevity, or much longer lifespan of the crop.

Our CBH technicians have been monitoring and studying this method of production for several years, in several countries, analyzing their behavior and productive viability. We are currently designing, executing and technically advising several HSD olive plantations in Spain and Portugal, achieving outstanding results and the absolute satisfaction of our customers.