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Plantaciones de Olivar CBH Serv

CBH is dedicated to the delivery of all types of agricultural services. One of the main operations of the company, is the design and implementation of olive and almond tree plantations ,led by agronomists who specialize in these crops. Without a doubt, we are one of the leading companies in this field, with more than 50,000 hectares planted in recent years throughout Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Olive tree plantations are the keystone of CBH, and therefore its main line of business today, and the main aspect of the strong growth and international expansion of the company in recent years. The department of CBH SERV works regularly, in close collaboration, with CBH Aqua, thus allowing the farmer the possibility of contracting an integrated project with planting and irrigation of their “key in hand” olive farms.

Similarly, a wide variety of agricultural services, are offered from this department also, relying on this with an ample fleet of machinery, and a large staff of technicians and workers with vast experience, that realize works to;prepare the terrain (subsoiling), ridging and leveling, marked and broken soil with GPS technology, pruning and removal of offshoots (manual), mechanized pruning (topping and lateral), application of phytosanitary treatments (atomizers), harvesting, etc.

We transform your traditional farm into a modern and profitable operation, thanks to our successful RENOVOLIVA. The change in your olive plantation is now much easier and cheaper. There is still time to make your olive trees a profitable crop.

We are direct importers of the highest quality of pine and acacia plant support, as well as bamboo sticks of excellent strength and durability.

Some of our collection machines: